Message Of The Principal Secretary

Mr. Awanish Kumar Awasthi
Principal Secretary - Information and Tourism

I am overwhelmed by the first ever coffee-table book on Kushinagar. It contains graphic illustrations and lucid text on Kushinagar. This book not only provides first-hand information on Kushinagar but also leaves vivid memories of the pictures that accompany the text. Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha achieved mahaparinirvana.

This book is a remarkable blend of text and visuals that leaves enduring images of Kushinagar in the minds of the readers. This has come as a pleasant surprise to me and I hope this book fulfills its mission to the fullest. As of now, material on Kushinagar is scant. I am happy to note that the text of this book is well researched. I am sure this book will help the readers understand the nuances and intricacies of this holy land and appreciate the importance of Kushinagar as a pilgrimage and tourist destination.

I am pleased to offer my hearty congratulations to the District Magistrate of Kushinagar for his efforts in bringing out this wonderful book.