Message Of The District Magistrate

Mr. Andra Vamsi (IAS)
District Magistrate, Kushinagar, U.P.

When I took over as District Magistrate of Kushinagar, one of the first things that struck me was the fact that Kushinagar does not attract as many tourists and pilgrims as it deserves.

The final meal for Lord Buddha was served by Chunda in Pawa or Fazilnagar which is now part of Kushinagar. Lord Buddha delivered his last sermon at Kushinagar. He had the last drink of water in Kushinagar just before his death. He attained Mahaparinirvana in Kushinagar. His body was cremated in Kushinagar and his relics were distributed in Kushinagar. No other place on earth is blessed with so many events related to any God. This makes Kushinagar one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Buddhists and Mahaparinirvana Temple one of the most important Buddhist temples of the world.

It made me wonder as to why Kushinagar does not attract as many pilgrims and tourists as it should. My quest for an answer to this intriguing question led me to the discovery that there is very little literature on Kushinagar available to pilgrims and tourists. So, I decided to put together a comprehensive information kit on Kushinagar.

With great effort, I have managed to prepare a multi-media kit on Kushinagar comprising a coffee-table book, a brochure and a short documentary video. In addition to these, we have created a dynamic website on Kushinagar. I believe this kit provides comprehensive information and visuals on Kushinagar.