Wat Thai Temple

Wat Thai Temple is one of the most elaborate Buddhist temple complexes developed in Kushinagar so far. It comprises the main temple in typical Thai architectural style. The northern entry to this temple is guarded by two images of elephants. A flight of stairs leads to the first floor where an image of golden Buddha has been consecrated. The main entry is on the eastern side which is lined with a series of colourful flags. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple contains the image of a golden Buddha surrounded by ritualistic objects and Thai art. To the east of the main temple is a golden domed stupa in which relics of Buddha are interred. The stupa also enshrines the hair of the longest serving Thai monarch His Majesty Late Bhumibol Aduladej. The complex has several other Thai-styled buildings such as a monastery, a ceremonial room, a coffee shop and boarding space for Thai pilgrims. It also maintains a splendid garden called the ‘Buddha Vatika’including lotus ponds. The Vat Thai Temple also runs a charitable clinic across the street.